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Live Worship Capital CD Cover Photo by “Olive Tree Photography.” Photo effects by Page Vandiver.

11 Songs

“There’s a King in Our City” (Bethany Martin)

“Declaration” (Adam Wilson)

“Thousands of Voices” (Darren Shaw)

“Awaken” (Sarah Morales)

“Wine Song” (Wil & Page Vandiver)

“Anthem of the Generations” (Adam Wilson)

“Long Way” (Bethany Martin)

“Holy” (Sarah Morales)

“Yahweh” (Wil & Page Vandiver)

“Fill This Place” (Kathleen Golden)

“Planted” (Staci Jinkerson)

Austin, Texas

Live Worship Capital ®

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Live Worship Capital ® - Vol 1.

A compilation CD with original songs from worship leaders in the Austin area.  

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