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“I just received your cd. WOW. Thank you for your time before the Lord. It shows in the quality of the music and the words. Your intensity and intimacy remind me of Misty Edwards of the KC IHOP… Again Thank You. To God be all the glory.”  - Kevin, Pennsylvania

 “I just wanted to tell you how much your song ‘The Outer Courts Are Not Enough’ ministered to me.  I was laying prostrate before the Lord. The words you sang were my heart cry.  I know the Lord did healing... just being in the presence, which is what your song brought to me was just a heavy presence of the Lord.  The Lord just carried some of the wounds I had been holding onto... it’s ministering not only to me, but to others who hear it. I am truly blessed by the Lord in you and how He has moved to affect some healing in my heart and my soul.  Thank you very much, precious woman of God. - Rose (Sugar Land, TX)

“…I loved the way God's prophetic worship and His kingdom is the focus of your songs. It is different from the contemporary worship music i have been listening to. I can sense God's anointing in your songs, as in, my soul knows those are the words and music straight from the throne of the King. Deep calls out to the deep.”  – Dennis (worship leader in India)

 “…A few months ago (a friend) gave me your CD.  I love it!  I've just about worn it out, and I think my favorite Christian song is "The Outer Courts Are Not Enough" because it tells the history of my faith.  I liked your CD so much that (my friend) gave me an extra one to share with the music minister at my church ...I saw (my friend) in Target earlier today and told her that I was ordering copies for all the women in my Bible study as Christmas presents.  I also told her that my husband, who usually doesn't appreciate Christian music, was listening to it in my car as we drove somewhere and he commented that your CD was the first time he'd enjoyed listening to praise and worship… “Susan (Jacksonville, NC)

  “Wow!  I have been worshipping with your CD throughout the day while I go from here and there....what a blessing!  Thank you for gifting us with this...the lyrics to every song capture a prayer in my heart. “ - Ty & Rebecca (Georgetown, TX)

  “From the first song, I just burst into tears…The songs really bring us into the presence of the Lord, our loving Father…” Patricia (Austin, TX)

 As you sing, "The Outer Courts are Not Enough..."  I want to be in His presence more and more and more (the Inner Courts) so that I may see as He sees and hear as He hears.  I want Him to use me for His glory.   Lesa (NJ)

 I wanted to let you know that your songs really ministered to us in a very special way yesterday.  I had (a friend) over for lunch and a new friend from church (whose) dearly loved and adored husband died just this last March....and she has really been grieving… We got to pray together and seek God's comfort, and I wanted you to know that songs #7 and 8 were really powerful and so ministering to all of us…So verse 2 of "Now I stand" just washed over me...

 ‘but you could hear the army of the angels sing, when He restored my dignity, He dressed me as his spotless bride   it was a holy victory....’

On song #8 (Pour it Out, The Mary of Bethany Song), which i know was written from a deep place in your heart with the Lord, that is so obvious because it is really rich...and you can feel God's presence in the quality of it....I wept several times as I listened to it over and over.  (My husband) caught me one of the times as he was waking up in the morning.  he asked if I was okay and I said, "yes, it is much more than okay...i am really meeting with  God."

Anyway, it was beautiful to see this woman (the widow), in the midst of her broken heart, stand up and dance beautifully before her Bridegroom King, and love on him:‘...and I'll pour it out, and I'll pour it out   I'll pour my life on you....I am all she has...her inheritance.’   Thanks Bethany for giving to us out of your relationship with God. It is rich. – H.B. (TX)